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Pitigliano dealer


Pitigliano (Grosseto)
SR 74 Maremmana KM 55,100, Pitigliano

Sales and Rental



Mondays 08-13, 14:30-18
Tuesday 08-13, 14:30-18
Wednesday 08-13, 14:30-18
Thursday 08-13, 14:30-18
Friday 08-13, 14:30-18
Saturday 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m.
Sunday Closed


We are present with sales and rental of mini-excavators in Pitigliano, thus acting as a link between our branches in Lazio and Tuscany.

We offer sales and rental services of earthmoving equipment, excavators, mini wheel loaders and track loaders for Grosseto and province.
We are also dealers of the brands Manitou is Komatsu For the province of Grosseto. With us you can also find a wide range of equipment Wurth For your work and all the clothing U.Power you need.

Pitigliano dealer

Are you looking for mini-excavators?
Choose Mazzuoli S.p.A.. Excavator sales and rental, various models available that can be customized with buckets of various sizes for all types of work.

We have vans, mini-excavators available, skid loader, excavators, aerial platforms, dozer, backhoe loaders and everything you may need for your earthmoving business. In addition to that, we are also a dealer for agricultural machinery a Claas equipment.

Why rely on us?

We know our clients' jobs and thus their priorities. We strongly believe in the need to respond accurately to the expectations of each job and country. Since each job has its own peculiarities and each country its own culture, we sell and rent machines with respect to these differentiations.
What do we offer you with our earthmoving machines?
Primarily compactness, maneuverability, flexibility but also high performance, productivity, service, maintenance, quality, comfort and safety.

Mazzuoli S.p.A. is a Rental and Sales Network with more than seven branches nationwide.

You can rent, buy or simply ask for a free consultation On any earthmoving equipment. In addition, our parts department is always ready to meet your needs.

Rental mini-excavators in Pitigliano. Mazzuoli S.p.A. rents mini-excavators and excavators up to 220, equipped with cutters, breakers, grapples, mixing buckets and other accessories.

Slide means agriculture 2

What are the advantages with Mazzuoli S.p.A.?

First, we are able to deliver directly releasing you from any liability. In addition, all our earthmoving machines are provided with insurance, which allows us to cover all damages incurred.

We offer you solutions of short-term rental (daily) but also at long term at a competitive price. Above all, we are able to offer the market reliability, efficiency and dynamism in the rental world. In addition to this, for long-term rentals, we assure you of a service of routine maintenance is extraordinary. In this way we can minimize downtime.

Purchasing or renting a digging machine with Mazzuoli S.p.A. therefore allows you to have a single contributor. This is because we are able to guarantee the right operating machine for your needs.
Mazzuoli Rental S.p.A. also serves earthmoving machines for multiple markets. In particular, in addition to mini-excavator rental in Pitigliano, we also have olive harvesting machines.

We also provide you with various equipment such as:



Finally, please note that we can arrange a free inspection with your contact person and our local technician.

So, if you need to buy or rent an earthmoving machine in Pitigliano and Grosseto province, you have realized that here you are in the right place. CONTACT US.

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