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Did you know that we are also U-Power dealers?

We are officially a U-Power dealer, a top brand in quality workwear without sacrificing style.

In fact, by now it is well known that we are lovers of quality products as long as they also look good. That is why we have decided to welcome U-Power workwear inside our locations in Viterbo, L'Aquila, Portoferraio, Grosseto, San Quirico is Lavoria.
Each of these locations has thus become a Red Lion Point, or official U-Power dealers.

Why specifically U-Power dealers?

In this section we will give you some information about the products of this well-known brand.
Let us begin by saying that technological innovations have made great strides; in fact, they have enabled increasingly high-performance products, especially in the areas of accident prevention and workwear.

This is why U-Power has always been recognized for its ability to innovate and respond to workers' needs.

It constantly strives to provide high quality and cutting-edge technology in research and development in order to provide safety footwear and performance workwear. The goal therefore is to increase comfort and meet the needs for safety and protection in the work area.

In addition, one of U-Power's strengths is to create technical workwear that is also perfect for leisure and outdoor activities. In fact, it offers absolute comfort thanks to the latest technologies developed in collaboration with HeiQ and Polartec. It makes the most of technology to provide materials that give intelligent temperature regulation, antibacterial fabrics and new compounds. This is in order to increase freshness, cleanliness and comfort.

We care about our customers and their image.
To work safely all year round we have decided to offer Upower quality and style!

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