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The mobile workshop for maintenance and servicing

Mobile workshop for maintenance, servicing or other repair work


Do you need to have a coupon?
We provide our mobile workshop for maintenance or other work directly at your location.
The 'mobile workshop is one of our strengths when it comes to timely or routine interventions such as a coupon.
It is a van set up with all the necessary equipment to deal safely and professionally with most repairs. Together with also the professionalism of our technicians and innovative systems, the mobile maintenance workshop also allows complex repairs to be carried out with a high level of quality.
What are the advantages with our mobile workshop?
First, certainly the speed of intervention but also the professionalism of the work. In addition, it is a service that aims to of reducing the costs associated with downtime and thus the consequent costs.

How is a mobile workshop structured?

The mobile workshop for maintenance and repair of various machine systems is a vehicle containing everything needed for mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic work.
A van set up as a mobile workshop also has to meet all the requirements of efficiency and organization, as well as the simplicity and dynamism of work done on the move.
Our vans are properly sized to carry everything that may be needed for the operation, from special parts to standard parts, from basic equipment to professional workshop equipment.

We have several vehicles ready to reach you! Choose our mobile workshop for maintenance and servicing of your excavator!

Do you want to operate independently?
We thought we would further help you with the maintenance of your excavator

Precisely because we know well the importance of maintenance, should you not want to use our mobile maintenance workshop and want to operate independently, we have decided to offer you on promotion the Komatsu service kit at an advantageous price. In fact, we have created specific offers by machine type, which we offer below.

What does the Komatsu coupon kit offer consist of?
To ensure excellent performance of the vehicle, periodic replacement of the filters we are going to propose to you is necessary:

Engine oil filter: serves to collect impurities, thus preventing them from re-entering the circulation. If not replaced, the impurities present can cause damage and in the worst case, total engine shutdown.

Diesel fuel filter: This filter does a very important job, which is to filter the fuel and return it pure. Otherwise, the fuel used would not allow the car to fire optimally, would in fact struggle and cause engine damage.

Air filter: It is necessary to check the air filter clogging indicator frequently. When servicing also it is advisable to replace the filter with an original one so that it fits perfectly.

Diesel prefilter: This component makes sure that water does not get into the fuel. The procedure of changing the filter therefore is very important because if water gets into the injectors it will cause corrosion.

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komatsu service kit
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komatsu service kit
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