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Telescopic handler rental

Telescopic Forklift Rental

Telescopic Forklift Rental

Lifting machines include various types of means all intended for lifting and maneuvering suspended loads.

This is one of the areas of specialization of Mazzuoli Sp.A. : the rental of machines suitable for your work with the goal of providing customized solutions for every handling need.

They are part of the lifting machines the telescopic lifters, capable of facilitating the transport, lifting and positioning of heavy equipment; in addition, what makes the telehandler indispensable in some construction work is the fact that it enables the handling of loads even in small spaces. Due to the presence of a hydraulically operated telescopic arm this machinery can be either stationary or rotary.

The rental of telescopic handlers offered by Mazzuoli Sp.A. not only includes means of the highest quality and equipped with advanced technologies, but also offers optimal performance on construction sites and in any working environment.


Combining the capabilities of 3 machines in 1 (telehandler, crane and aerial platform), the MRT 2660 is a truly versatile tool for 2660 can lift up to 6 tons while maintaining very precise control over your loads, thanks to its pentagonal boom section and its exceptional 360° visibility. Its 360° rotation capability allows you to perform various operations without the need to move the machine. It can be used on pneumatic tires or outriggers, which provide a larger support surface to work in total safety. Smart, ergonomic and comfortable, the MRT 2660 is ideal for construction and industrial applications. It is a powerful and precise tool you won't be able to live without!

25.90 m
6000 kg
21.70 m
156 hp


THE MRT 2260 is a powerful rotary telescopic handler, suitable for all terrains. This 3-in-1 machine is a telehandler, crane and aerial platform with a multitude of compatible attachments, featuring great versatility and high performance, perfect for your construction and industrial sites. The 360-degree rotation of the turret and the exceptional visibility of the cabin make it easy to perform operations without having to move the machine. The pentagonal boom section allows precise movement, and machine stability is ensured by automatic stabilizer leveling. Equipped with smart features to optimize maneuverability and safety, the MRT 2260 is the tool you will never want to be without!

21.80 m
6000 kg
18.20 m
156 hp


  • New machines and equipped with the most innovative technologies
  • Machines that comply with current safety regulations
  • Discounts and concessions for long rental periods
  • Custom contracts
  • Possibility of contributing to a greater number of jobs without making heavy investments for the company
  • Elimination problems of workshop and spare parts
  • Total assistance on maintenance
  • Replacement of the machine in case of stop
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