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Which excavator to choose?

What are the characteristics of an excavator?

Firstly, we should point out that there are two main types of excavators: we have wheeled excavators and crawler excavators.
Each model has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, before choosing, it is important to understand the intended use of the excavator.
Excavators also are very versatile machines and can carry out a variety of tasks.
Do you want to carry out a particular work or intervention?
Then we will inform you that there are models on the market specifically configured to carry out particular tasks. Therefore, below we will look in detail at some specific models and indicate the main criteria on which to base when choosing to buy an earthmover. Obviously, the choice of model and accessories depends on the type of work and the place where the excavator will be used.

We will consider size and power. We specify that the dimensions  are determined by the weight Of the machine in running order. So we have a wide range of sizes, starting from vehicles weighing less than one ton to excavators weighing 100 tons. The latter are mainly used in mining or quarrying. The weight of the excavator therefore broadly tells us its size.
Secondly then the power of the engine, the one that also powers the mechanical arm, will tell us the various operations we can perform with the excavator. In this regard, the more powerful the engine, the more complex the operations we can perform.

What are the main excavator models?

The market offers us a wide range of models. We need to figure out which one best suits our needs. Let's start by describing the demolition excavators: are equipped with a long boom that can reach decidedly high heights. This vehicle also features a tilting driver's cab, so the operator can have a better view of the surface he or she is working on.
We then continue with the Excavators without the rear overhang: can rotate on their own axis and are mainly used to carry out work near walls and walls, so the risk of bumping into them and causing damage is reduced.

That said, let's go on to talk about the multipurpose and multifunctional excavators. This feature is given by the versatility of the mechanical arm, which can mount different attachments and thus realize different movements. Included in this category are the excavators spider which have articulated legs and are mainly used on steep terrain and surfaces. Finally, we want to tell you about the excavators for roads or rails. They are capable of carrying out road maintenance work or construction of railways. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the market also offers models capable of carrying out work in marshy, swampy areas or near shorelines; these are the models amphibians.

Which excavator to choose based on size?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the size is given by the weight, which can in fact change from as little as one ton to several hundred tons.
Here is how excavators are categorized according to their weight in running order:

  1. Micro excavators: They weigh about a ton and are used for simple work especially in agriculture, nurseries or construction.
  2. Mini excavators: have weights ranging from 1 1/2 tons to about 8 tons and are used for digging foundations or earthwork operations.
  3. Midi excavator: range from 8 tons to 12 1/2 tons. Due to their small size, they can therefore carry out larger jobs without being bulky.
  4. Standard excavators: ranging in weight from 12 tons and up, they are mainly suitable for earthwork and demolition operations.
  5. Large excavators:  weigh about one hundred tons and are used extensively in large earthworks and in lifting large loads.

Finally, before buying an excavator, you need to understand whether to choose an excavator equipped with tracks o rubberized wheels. Therefore, below we will tell you about both models.

Which excavator to choose: crawler or wheeled?

L'crawler excavator is the right choice if you need to operate in particularly steep areas or terrain. In fact, the tracks provide high traction capacity. The width and distance between tracks also determines the stability of the machine. The crawler excavator is not very fast in movement and is less suitable for long travel.
Excavators with rubberized wheels finally, they are suitable on hard surfaces and allow faster movement. They are very powerful and versatile means, however, they are not suitable for moving on soft surfaces, which is why they are mostly used in construction.

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